Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is it just me or does it seem like Talib is going really hard promoting his new Gutter Rainbows album? Like, really fucking hard compared to the past couple. EDIT: Aha! He has been pushing this album really hard because it's his first truly "indie" album, according to his Twitter. That's awesome.

(As a quick side note, be sure to stream the album in its entirety HERE and catch the latest release HERE, plus the first video from the album HERE. Homework time, people.)

Anyway, this video has a real epic feel to it. Looks like they went with a Book of Eli theme. Weird ass ending though! [Spoiler alert:] He wakes up, realizes it was all a dream...then decides to photograph his girl? Odd.

Very lyrical track though, which is nice. I'm also digging the Jay Electronica shout out (0:58).




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