Sunday, January 23, 2011

First things first, if you haven't checked out Tef's new album, War Machine, get it here quick. Now that that's been settled...

Teflahn Poetix is on a spree with his latest project. He already hosted a listening party of sorts at the Gramophone. Now he's heading back there to insight further mayhem at the official album release party.

He'll be blazing a trail onstage February 11th alongside Jonezy, Rome, T-Prince, Whiteout & RT-FAQ, The Chalk Boyz, Vandalyzm, DJ Spec, & Tech Supreme. (Check out the flyer above for more details.)

[In a related event, Tef's brother Black Spade will be doing a show across the globe as part of his group's (Hawthorne Headhunters) mini-tour of Europe on the same night. Check the info here.]

But back to the subject at hand: To help spread the word about his work, Tef's also been throwing down on some big video projects. Check out the trailer of the "Mel Gibson" video below for a sneak peak.

See you at the release.



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