Friday, January 28, 2011

Travis Barker pretty quickly became an incredibly sought-after producer in the world of underground (and now mainstream) hip-hop.  Check him out here with Clipse on a Pharrell-produced jam.

I almost didn't post this because I hate snippets and I really fucking hate DJ tags, but it had my head bobbing so I couldn't deprive you.  Plus, Eminem introduces it for some reason, so that's cool.  ALSO, I'm pretty sure that scream sample is from Bride of Frankenstein, which was my favorite movie for most of my childhood (which might be kinda fucked up now that I think about it).  Boris Karloff was my shit though, man.

Anyway, Travis' new album, Give the Drummer Some, drops March 15.  Not sure when this mixtape will be released, but my guess is sometime shortly before the album date.  Check out the song, mang...




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