Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally, we get a new track from the Cool Kids from the still-long-awaited forthcoming When Fish Ride Bicycles album.  This one is supported on the Mountain Dew Green Label Sound imprint (who are also releasing the new album this Spring).

Now, my natural assumption is that a company as big as Mountain Dew (or Pepsi, who owns them) wouldn't be the best choice for aspiring artists - I'm talking in terms of creative freedom, music rights, and profit. However, I was pleasantly surprised to read this:
But now the PepsiCo soda brand is preparing to launch an iTunes storefront that will allow listeners to purchase music from certain Green Label Sound artists — and Mountain Dew is waiving the usual label share of the revenue, leaving all income, minus iTunes processing fees, to the artists.
Not a bad deal for the Cool Kids.  Plus a free track for you.  It's a win/win!

Stream and download "Bundle Up" below.  (Once you hit 'play' a little download gizmo will pop up.  Snazzy.)




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