Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everybody loves the Roots.  And everybody who loves the Roots should want to learn more about them, right?  And watching this will offer more insights into the band and the members so anyone who wants to learn more about them will be able to.  So...everyone wants to watch this.

Thus formal logic proves again that you need to do what I tell you.

Via OkayPlayer...
For the latest from OKPTV, we get an intimate mini-doc on the hardest working band in the biz, and now 4 time Grammy award winners, The Roots. Cam Be (director/editor) and Jeff Baraka (Interviewer/co-producer) tagged along with The Roots for a few stops on last year’s Hennessey Artistry tour, and got some great footage. Says Cam of the vid: “In this film I wanted to not only highlight the versatility of a group that has played with most everyone in the industry. But also capture candid moments of real human beings just trying to share the gifts they have been given to the best of their abilities.” Props to Cam, Jeff, and Bradley Murray for this.



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