Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Max Tannone (the guy who brought you the Mos Dub, Dub Kweli, and Jadiohead mashup albums) is back with a new project.

This time around, Max has taken the route of original material.  He teams up with MC Richard Rich over tracks sampling and inspired by the movie 'Moon' to deliver an angst-ridden exploration of the human psyche in isolation with original beats and lyrics.

Rich delivers a tense and realistically emotional performance of spoken word/rapping/singing over Tannone's eerie sci-fi beats for the full package.

The appeal of this to me (besides Max's unique beats) is the authentic human conflicts that Richard Rich explores in his lyrics.  The idea of the vastness of space representing infinite loneliness in an industrial-space-age world and the parallels between life on the moon vs. life in the military (away from family and friends and unable to control one's own actions and destiny) are pertinent.

Here's what Max Tannone has to say about the EP:
It's called SELENE, and is a 5 song hip-hop EP inspired by the 2009 sci-fi movie Moon (which you should definitely check out if you haven't seen!) Using samples from the film's original score, I teamed up with Brooklyn rap artist Richard Rich to explore themes like isolation, separation, self-realization, cloning, and all kinds of craziness.
highly recommend downloading this project.  You can download the entire EP in one swoop HERE or stream it below and download individual tracks via the player.

Selene by Max Tannone



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