Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Van is back with a new project compiling all his biggest features and collaborations on one convenient mixtape.  The Force-member has worked with some notable artists over the years, including Naledge, Skyzoo, Black Spade, Gotta Be Karim, 9th Wonder, Royce da 59, and more.

You can catch the download on his Bandcamp page HERE or as a .zip HERE.

Here's what Vandalyzm had to say about the compilation:
An awesome mixtape of my favorite features, and production work that Ive ever done. Yeah Im that arrogant to create such a tape.

1. An Insanely Handsome Intro
2. B.I.m.T. (prod. Vandalyzm)
3. Naledge ft. Vandalyzm- Futuristic Shit (prod. Nez and Rio)
4. Tef Poe ft. Vandalyzm- Retail Kings (prod. Urban Legends)
5. Vandalyzm ft. Skyzoo and the HOJ- Where Im From rmx (prod. Khrysis & Vandalyzm)
6. Gotta Be Karim- When You See Me (prod. Vandalyzm)
7. Hell Cassell- Killstreak (prod. Nameless)
8. Stylin' (prod. Nameless)
9. 9th Wonder ft. Royce The 59 Naledge and Vandalyzm- The Last Time (prod. 9th Wonder)
10. Gotta Be Karim ft. Black Spade, Family Affair and Vandalyzm- Harmonica
11. Black Spade ft. El Prez and Vandalyzm- The Coolout (prod. Black Spade)
12. Is It Love (prod. DJ Reminise)
13. Gotta Be Karim- Big Spenders (prod. Vandalyzm)
14. Naledge ft. Willie Da Kid and Vandalyzm- Different Story (The Cipher)
15. Brougham Music (prod. 6th Sense)
16. The Away Team ft. Vandalyzm- Money On The Table rmx (prod. Khrysis)
17. Said That to Say This (outro)



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