Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chicago MC Rhymefest is currently in a run-off for the position of Alderman of Chicago's 20th ward.  Lupe Fiasco is getting ready to drop his 3rd (and possibly highest-anticipated) studio album, LASERS, early next month.  Kanye West is still riding high on the success of one of hip-hop's biggest albums, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  Common is in the works on his latest project which he says will be a trip back to his roots as an MC (not to the squeaky-voiced adolescence of his earlier albums, but to the raw lyricism that he built his career on).

With all these Chicago artists and others making huge waves on the national stage, it seems fitting that a project like Visual's Chicago Hip-Hop History should drop at this point in time.

Check out the latest installment below and let me know what you think.

And, in case you missed it:




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