Thursday, March 24, 2011

100 Akres has dropped some excellent beat tapes in the past.  The most notable to my ears was his David Bowie project.

It looks as if his tapes have caught the ears of others as well, particularly those who don't like what they're hearing.  That forms the inspiration for this tape.

Check it out:
What up folks, you're probably wondering about that title and the anonymity. Well, I've been getting several emails asking if I've had permission from the artists to use their samples....I get a funny feeling these emails are from a certain association thats more than likely about to send me a cease and desist (or eight). Anyways, I'm sure the artist of the new beat tape will be able to spot that these samples are from his album (or maybe not). Either way, I'll keep delivering freshness to your ears regardless of outdated copyright laws.
p.s. "Durand Durand" featuring Tyler Durand coming very soon....



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