Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jay Electronica says "Yo, hold on. Hold on."

Act II: Patents of Nobility has to be around the corner now...right?

Jay Electronica's big re-debut has been on the back burner since mid-last-year (and that's being generous).  It was supposed to drop last Christmas.  Then it was gonna drop on New Years.  Then Jay said Nas was holding it up by taking long with his verse.  Then Jay said, naw that's not it, there's just a lot of pressure (which is legit and honest, so more power to im).

Now it just has to drop.  He got signed to Roc by the man himself, Jay-Z.  He dropped some solid tracks right on the outset.  All signs point to the fact that Jay-Z is keeping Jay-E true to task, but where's the album??

Seriously, dude.  Normally I'd say it's fucked up for fans to try to legitimize their high expectations for instant gratification, but this has surpassed that.  Everybody knows that whatever gratification is received whenever we finally get Act II will have been far from instant.

Get it?  Forget it.

Anyway, here's another leaked track.  Check out Jay Elect rapping freestyle over one of Kanye's new beats.

First is the video, then the track, then the lyrics.

Dig it.

Now, check out the lyrics, courtesy of FWMJ (after the jump):

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