Sunday, March 20, 2011

J-Toth, always looking over his shoulder.

It's a strong possibility that he's being watched.

Check out the video for his new track, "America", right here.  It's tactfully done in the style of his recent video blog posts on wikileaks and the current state of US policy and society in general.

Look for The Book of Toth to drop sometime in 2012.  Until then, stay tuned for the occasional leaked track.  You can catch up on some you may have missed (including the one featured in this video) right HERE and HERE and HERE.



JonathanToth said...

Thanks Mike. I love that song. I will also be grateful when Bradley Manning is freed from solitary confinement and honored as the whistle blower who released the evidence of war crimes, corruption and collusion on the part of US Military, US government and US banks.

He almost single-handedly got WikiLeaks and Julian Assange a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize...and he's STILL IN JAIL.


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