Tuesday, March 29, 2011

According to a fairly recent interview with Lupe, only four of the tracks that appeared on LASERS were ones that he made himself and intended to appear on the album before the label got their dirty little hands on what became the finished product.

That means (among other things) that Lupe is sitting on a wealth of unreleased LASERS tracks.  Hopefully they'll see the light of day eventually in the form of a mixtape or b-sides release.  I wouldn't cross your fingers for that to happen anytime soon (if ever) though.

BUT, some of the tracks are available.  A couple were released by Lupe before he ever had a release date (including the Alicia Keys feature, "Love Letter to the Beat") and one was just dropped by Lupe via twitter for fans to check out what could have been.

The new leak is called "Who Are You Now" featuring B.o.B.

Check it out below, and turn down that LASERS CD in the background.




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