Monday, March 28, 2011

Today is a great day for St. Louis hip-hop.

First, Rockwell Knuckles dropped what has almost instantly become apparent as his greatest project yet, You're Fucking Out I'm Fucking In.  (Check it out streaming and download it HERE.)

Moments later, Tef Poe dropped this bombshell of a video featuring Rockwell alongside Theresa Payne.  (Tef and Theresa are both featured on Rocky's album as well.)  It's easy (and really inviting as an artist) to slap together a quick video of you and your crew doing a bunch of crazy shit to the soundtrack of your own songs and slapping it up on the internet for the world to see and admire.  It's an altogether different route (and more difficult and admirable) to take the time to sketch out something that is not only entertaining to watch, but actually brings something to the table that adds to the song itself.  Tef, Rocky, and Theresa (plus Tech Supreme, who produced the track and makes a cameo in the video) do just this as they take "Crazy" from the level of 'song' into the realm of 'thematic experience'.

So if you haven't been following these three artists so far, get the fuck out of your funk and pay attention.

Wake up!

Tef Poe-Crazy feat. Theresa Payne & Rockwell Knuckles from Tech Supreme on Vimeo.

(Yo, is that Nato Caliph chasing after Tef out of nowhere at the end of the video? Awesome.)



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