Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I don't usually blog on fashion stuff, but this one is worth the mention.

Design collective Work/Play is currently working to fund a project for what looks like it could be the flyest hat you'll ever have a chance to wear (and I really don't use the word "fly"...that's how awesome this is).

It's a 5-panel hat made with the highest-possibly quality denim around (hence the relatively steep price tag).  But would you rather look cool in some swag that was crafted by the trembling hands of an abused third-world child laborer, or be confident in your swag (yep, I said it: swag), knowing that the skilled hands of a professional artisan personally stitched up this high quality accessory with love, care, and a reasonable wage?

Thought so.

Here's a little of what the Work/Play crew has to say about the project:
Hi! Thanks for stopping by & checking out our project. With your help, you can make our idea a reality. We want our designs to be as playful as we are. No designer wants their vision watered down, so our passion is to design cool stuff for the masses. Don't let celebrities dictate what's fashion & what's not, be the first amongst your peers to own a selvedge denim 5-panel hat that will be admired by all. You'll probably get random people on the street asking, "where'd you get that hat?" It will be the perfect compliment to almost every outfit. Get into that feel good moment where anticipation takes over & you truly cannot wait for the product to arrive in the mail. We at WORK/PLAY strive to make sure all of our products are of quality materials with an affordable price to match.
You can catch more of the details regarding the product, it's production, and the group behind the work and design on the official KickStarter page HERE.

Now, I know Kevin and Dani (the two brilliant minds behind W/P) personally and I'd go to the plate to vouch for them in an instant.  They're two of the coolest, nicest, and most talented folks in the city of St. Louis and abroad.  If there were ever a project that I would fund before it even drops, it would be theirs.  (Can't exactly afford a huge donation at this point in time, but I plan on making my contribution known to them here shortly.)

A handful of artists have taken this technique to heart in appealing to their fans to fund their albums.  It makes sense that the approach would extend into the other arts as well.

Check out more below and be sure to delve deeper into the project and hopefully contribute.  Also, be sure to follow Work/Play and all their movements at their official website at StoopidFresh.com.


Here's the skinny on what you can get if you donate...

First off, we want to give a big THANK YOU! It's the little things that makes the world go round. So for your donation, we will letterpress your name on every numbered certificate that will be distributed with each final product. In addition, your name will be listed on our blog at: www.stoopidfresh.com/blog for your efforts in helping turn our ideas into a reality.

Maybe you don't have quite enough for the hat but no worries. We still have something great for you! That said, for a $25 pledge you will receive a poster designed by our collective and printed entirely by way of letterpress. These posters are signed and numbered and will not be available to the public. Your name will be included with any online media for your pledge. Add $6 to the the pledge amount for shipping within the US. (Shipping to Canada add $7, International add $10 to pledge amount)

Wow, you must really want this hat, so we want to thank you for that! For a $50 pledge you are pre-ordering the W/P selvedge denim 5-panel hat. The hats will retail for $70.00. Add $8 to the the pledge amount for shipping within the US. Shipping to Canada add $10, add $15 to pledge amount for International)

LIMITED REWARD 70 of 72 remaining
Whoooa!! Big spender! For a $100 pledge you will receive the original W/P selvedge denim 5-panel hat and another limited run 5-Panel hat made from a selvedge chambray-like material. This hat is natural in color and comes in a lighter 11oz weight suitable for much warmer climates. Shipping included within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $8, International add $11 to pledge amount)



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