Monday, April 25, 2011

What's up producers, promoters, MCs, DJs, and whomever else has been awesome enough to continue to send in email submissions to the blog!  Thanks to you guys & gals, we're able to stay up-to-date on the best of the underground.

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from artists and their teams and I want to increase that.  However, I've also gotten a few emails over the years from people who were upset that I didn't post their stuff.  If nothing else, I admire the persistence!  In case you were wondering, here's my process for reviewing submissions...

1. Open the email, read whatever's written.
2. Check out links to streaming songs, albums, or videos.
3. Decide whether or not I like it - I'm definitely not pretending to be objective in this whole process.  This site started as my own personal music blog and evolved into something bigger.  But the stuff shown is still just the stuff that I enjoy.
4. Either post it or don't.

You might have noticed that I DIDN'T mention downloading anything.  That's because I don't ever download stuff blindly!  That includes music submissions and every other email.  Didn't your friendly IT guy ever tell you not to download something if you don't know what it is?  Unless I can hear it first and I really dig it, then I'm not messing around with mp3, zip, wav, or any other formats on my hard drive.

So if you aren't seeing your stuff up on the blog, it might be because you aren't giving me a chance to listen to the music before subjecting my computer to the gamble of downloading!  (Also, my hard drive is chock full to the limit!  I just genuinely don't have the space to preview through downloads.)

So, sorry if you've been sending download links only with no way for me to preview and you aren't getting your stuff out there through this site because of it.  Not trying to hate, just thought I should let everybody know (some people have already gotten this message through email, but I figured I'd make it public).

Bottom line: I want to hear your music!  So send me youtube, vimeo, bandcamp, personal websites, other blog posts, whatever!  Just as long as I can check it out risk free.

Keep submitting.




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