Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This shit is solid.  Signif just became my new favorite female MC and definitely on the short list of favorite underground MCs in general.  Fuck a Pink Barbie and all that other bullshit.

GeeWiz kills it on the beats and the mix too.

Significant Wizdom is just an all around solid piece of work - it's lyrically advanced, the beats are chill, the production is tight, and the overall mood is something I can definitely get down to.

Check it out below, read what the group has to say, download, and repeat.
Milwaukee-bred NYC resident SigNif follows up last year's The Transition with the Significant Wizdom EP, produced entirely by partner in crime Gee Wiz. "We worked together on The Transition, and felt we should continue to work together because of the chemistry we had," says SigNif. "The EP is more aggressive, in-your-face. It's about me standing my ground as a female emcee who refuses to back down even when confronted with adversity."



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