Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Men With Beards are back with another killer single.  This time they've aimed their beards towards the old-school American folk hero, Paul Bunyan!  Rumors had been circulating that Mr. Bunyan had plans to make an appearance on the album.  Now the rumors have been proven true.

Check out the MWB ode to truth, honor, and the American epic in this slightly humorous, borderline educational, moderately inspirational, and entirely hardcore banger.

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 Paul Bunyan ft. MC Paul Bunyan by Men With Beards


JonathanToth said...

Yup, call it what you wanna...
the name's Paul Bunyan.
I'd rather you not call it a second coming...
unless you're gonna.

No need to worry about me young ones,
I like peace...and ummm...
I chop trees, a conflict to some and
I got a big blue ox, she's a fun one.

Kinda weird...somewhat.
I got a beard on my beard, something huh?
See that lawyer over there, frontin' some?
He's a tree, it's my job to cut him some.

Know how to tell a tree from the other ones?
When they talk, it makes you wanna leave.
Their stories they tell turn you green.
They block your sunlight and steal your sheen

...and got deep roots,
that intertwine with judges and police too,
but to me, shoot, they're just weeds.
I'm from Mizzou...I'll show 'em a thing or two...

with my trusty blade, she's a thing or two,
and my lovely Babe, she's a ringer too,
with her shade of blue, maybe touch of gray,
when I see those dudes, there's not much to say

...but they talk, talk, talk...
and on trial, they walk, walk, walk.
I got an ax and an ox, all I do is
swing, swing, swing and chop, chop, chop 'em off.

Make 'em firewood...
for burning our witches at the stake, like a liar would.
It's not just me, HE'S A TREE!
Except he's rotted out and hollow and lost his Chi.

So it's chop, I have to swing,
and down goes one bad apple tree. Unless you're a
vampire, you won't be rising from your grave later, eh?

I take 'em out by the dozens like eggs,
Chuck Norris is my second cousin (no way!)
Hater alert, saw it comin'...
good thing for you it's Paul Bunyan.

Know what I'm talking aboot? I won't cut you unless you really deserve just don't be a tree...and if you're a human being, I won't swing. Know what I'm talking aboot?


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