Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simeon Viltz and Race are veteran Chicago duo The Primeridian, presenting their Tye Hill-produced single from Da Crack-A-Dawn mixtape in conjunction with All Natural,, Ruby Hornet, and Jugrnaut. Da Crack-A-Dawn features Buff1, Adad, Black Spade, Pugz Atomz, Rashid Hadee and more. Their 2008 Da Morning Afta album was produced almost exclusively by European producers like Nicolay, J-Ramm and Willowtreez. "[For our next release] we decided we wanted to work with all the producers in Chicago that we held in high regard," explains Simeon. "That became a genesis for the collaborations that wound up becoming Da Crack-A-Dawn."Of "Drop The Needle", Simeon says "The foundation was the drums: pulsating and hard-hitting."


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